Instant attendee feedback for your events

Event organizers use ExperienceGuru to measure attendee satisfaction, uncover pain points, and seamlessly manage problems during their events — all in real time

Say goodbye to your post-event survey

How you'll use ExperienceGuru

Schedule Questions

You'll schedule questions to be delivered at each of your event's touchpoints.

Attendees respond right away

After receiving a question, attendees instantly provide relevant feedback from their mobile device.

View a live stream of feedback

You can identify pain points and problems as they are happening.

Assign issues to event staff

No more walkie-talkies! Event staff will receive assigned issues and you will be notified of their progress.

Communicate with attendees

Via SMS, you can respond directly to attendees and let them know their voice has been heard.

ExperienceGuru is a total game-changer in terms of how we collect feedback from attendees. It allows us to identify gaps in our meeting and proactively resolve them before it's too late. I can't imagine running a conference without it now.

— Allison Wachter, Director of Exhibitions & Registration for ASAE