A message from the Conferences i/o team

August 2020

ExperienceGuru was designed for live, in-person events and conferences. Given the pause in the US/Canada live events industry, we've made the decision to deactivate the ExperienceGuru service for the time being. We fully intend to bring an improved version of ExperienceGuru back when in-person events broadly resume.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Conferences i/o team by emailing hello@conferences.io.


We've made pricing incredibly simple: Everything is included, and you pay for each guest that will be using ExperienceGuru at your event.

Pre-paid packages

Purchase Now 500 guests $1499 ($3.00 per guest)
Purchase Now 250 guests $999 ($4.00 per guest)
Purchase Now 100 guests $499 ($4.99 per guest)
Purchase Now 50 guests $399 ($7.98 per guest)

Need a few more than a pre-paid package?

You can always add guests for $10 each.